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Across America there is a passionate, polarized, and often vitriolic battle over charter schools. In Philadelphia, a burgeoning metropolis with a huge poverty problem and convoluted public school system, the role of charter schools is particularly fraught. Charter Wars is a documentary webseries that explores the ideologies and motivations fueling the charter school debate.

Each episode of Charter Wars examines a different element of the debate. Listen to fears and hopes of dueling activists, committed teachers, and overwhelmed families, who are all trying to navigate this battleground. Charter Wars will force you to reflect on your own beliefs about education, charter schools and the public good – whatever those beliefs may be. 

Image by Rachel Kessler/Charter Wars

Image by Rachel Kessler/Charter Wars

Charter Wars is an independent film project, unaffiliated with any advocacy organization or political group.  We believe in the need for incisive debate that hinges on understanding the other side rather than outscreaming or outspending them. Our goal is to release Charter Wars for free to offer an unbiased, nuanced, and candid analysis of the charter school debate. To do this, we need like-minded people to back our Kickstarter Campaign.

Whether you are a policy wonk or don't know what a charter school is, we need your support! 


Whether you are a policy wonk or don't know what a charter school is, spread the word that Charters Wars is coming to a laptop near you. Subscribe below to get an alert when we release special extras or new rewards.