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About the Creator

Sivahn grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and graduated from Lower Merion High School during the hey-day of the Education Reform Movement. Her first summer job was stuffing donor gift baskets with Waiting for Superman DVDs. Over the next three years Sivahn worked for various organizations closely aligned with the no-excuses charter school movement and encountered first-hand the polarized views about charter schools. This sparked a 6 year investigation into the charter school debate, spanning the political spectrum from Diane Ravitch to Mike Petrilli. During that time, Sivahn graduated with honors from Williams College with degrees in Political Economy and Psychology. She also accepted a job offer at The Parthenon Group, a management consulting firm that was well known for its education practice. 

But instead of moving to Boston, she deferred that job, moved into her parent’s basement, and used her signing-bonus to fund the beginnings of a documentary about the charter school debate. Sivahn recruited Rachel Kessler to join the team, and 5 months later they had a secured enough funding to produce this documentary. With the support of their 75+ Kickstarter Backers, Sivahn and Rachel proceeded to make the first apolitical documentary series about the Charter School Movement in the United States. 

Today, Sivahn lives with her wife in Los Angeles and no longer works in education, or management consulting. 

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